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War of 1812 Contributor
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 Samuel Burgess (Masonic Emblem)
 Fairplains Cemetery, City
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The Black Monument Company was established in Hastings, Michigan in 1862. It became A Black and Son and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in the early part of the twentieth century. The company was located at 210-212 S Division for many years.

The information provided in this database has been taken from order books for markers. Most are from the counties of south central and southwest Michigan, but there are exceptions to this. All available information has been included except for the dimensions and material of the stones. Orders which were marked “cancelled” have been included because they include genealogical information.

WMGS is unable to provide any further information about these markers. Cemetery location information can be obtained from the Library of Michigan, or from the US Geological Survey's online database.

If you have any queries about how this database search works, or wish to report an error in it please send eMail to DataMaster@wmgs.org

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