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Latzek Funeral Home

An index to the records of the Latzek Funeral Home from 1903 to 1962.

War of 1812 Contributor

The following is from the cover and introduction of the book "Latzek Funeral Home Registers An Index of Ten Volumes" published by Western Michigan Genealogy Society in 1992....


An Index to Ten Volumes 1903 to 1962

Compiled by Kathy Tabb

Copyright 1992

The Latzek Funeral Home Registers cover a span from June 1903 to 1962. The funeral home was located in the northwest area of Grand Rapids. According to various records in the registers the locations included:

1912: Frank Latzek & Co., 194 Fourth St. Also known as Latzek & Karasiniski, and Platte & Latzek Funeral Directors.
1916: Frank Latzek, 652 Fourth St.
1932: Frank Latzek, 648-58 Third St.
1941: Frank Latzek, 658 Third St.

Information included in the registers include date of birth and death, spouse's name, parents' names, birth and death places, cause of death, cemetery, and invoicing detail. Many of the records include additional information such as Social Security numbers, military serial numbers, copies of death certificates, removal permits transferring bodies to and from the funeral home, and letters from military, veterans' associations, and family members.

Although each of the ten volumes contains an index, these are often found to be incomplete. These register indexes are also indexed in this compilation, as some of the names are of the family member who paid for the funeral rather than the name of the deceased.

This project indexes the name of the deceased only, except for names included in the register index. Parents' and spouse's names have not been included. Because handwriting is often difficult to decipher, please check various spelling patterns. Surnames were often spelled differently within the same record.

NOTE: Volume 1, pages 7 through 82 are missing. Names may appear in the register index, but no record is available. Volume 10 contains several loose records at the back of the book. These records do not contain any page number reference. In this index, they are shown with N/A for the page number.

These registers are held in the Archives at the Grand Rapids Public Library - Collection #157. They are also available on microfilm.

A page printed from the microfilm is $5.


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