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Quigley Index to Periodicals and Names

Maud Quigley's Index to Periodicals
in the Grand Rapids Public Library (1980).

War of 1812 Contributor

From the original book published by Western Michigan Genealogy Society. The instructions on ordering contained below ARE NOT applicable to this index online. Please see this page for use of the Online Index.

Introduction from

Index to Michigan Research found in Genealogical Periodicals


This is the second edition of an index, the first to be published, which is one of three prepared from genealogical periodicals housed in the Grand Rapids Public Library. The second index, entitled HARD TO FIND INFORMATION, is an extraction of articles found in periodicals other than would be expected. For example, South Dakota marriages by a circuit rider might be found in an Illinois quarterly. The format is very similar to the index presented here. 'Over 1,700 articles are listed. The third index, entitled FAMILY NAMES, lists the major surname found in genealogies, bible records, wills, pension records, census records, newspaper articles, vital records, and other articles. Some are long and may contain many persons of the same surname while others may be brief and contain fewer names. Only the surname is given in the index with complete reference information. Both are published and can be consulted at the Grand Rapids Public Library.

The Western Michigan Genealogical Society would like to extend full credit and appreciation to Maud Quigley for this valuable series. She has spent several years compiling and preparing these sources. Information for the indexes has been gleaned from 92 quarterlies which cover a span of more than 24 years to December, 1982. The benefit to our membership and to patrons of the library is immeasurable. Maud's many hours of dedication have speeded our research. We know that it will do the same for you.


This book is a compilation of aids and articles found in the genealogical periodicals housed in the Grand Rapids Public Library. When you find an item of interest, jot down the roman numeral, the volume and page numbers which follow. Next, consult the KEY TO INDEXED PERIODICALS where you will find a roman numeral has been assigned to each periodical.

Example: Mich. Soldiers Home Men who died before 1889 LXI Vol. 18 p. 11

LXI is MICHIGANA, published by the Western Mich. Gen. Soc. The article begins on page 11 of Vol. 18 (In many instances the article is continued in subsequent issues)

Consult the given quarterly at the Grand Rapids Public Library or your nearest genealogical library. If YOU Wish to write the society which published the item or article, you will find its' address in the Key To Indexed Periodicals on the next page. Should you wish copies made by our society, send a self addressed stamped envelope for a price quotation.

NOTE: WMGS inadvertently published two Volume 9's. When an (A) follows an item, it means the first Volume 9; a (B) means the second Volume 9.


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