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Data Entry Notes

This Database
contains the Surnames and Queries that have been submitted to the WMGS.ORG site by people looking to strike a connection, or needing help.
When people enter this data they enter either a Surname/County combination, OR they can enter a Query, where there is some narrative about what they are looking for.
To submit a query for a surname type it in the Surname field Put only a SINGLE surname into the Surname field. Once the new Record is added the surname will be SOUNDEX encoded so future searchers can find it by SOUNDEX or by spelling.
You can add several similar names to the Alternate Spellings Field for a common Query. They will all be able to be seached in the Surname field, but only the name in the Surname Field will be SOUNDEX coded for the SOUNDEX search.
You MUST choose a County from the pop up menu. If the County you are wanting to list in isn't listed, then it isn't part of "Western Michigan". You can choose more than one County for your submission - Hold down the Command (Apple) key on a Macintosh while clicking additional selections. On a Windows PC hold down the Control Key while making addtional selections.
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If you have any queries about how this database search works, or wish to report an error in it please send eMail to DataMaster@wmgs.org
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