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The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

An index of the residents of the The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans - formerly known as the Michigan Old Soldiers' Home - Kent County, Michigan.

War of 1812 Contributor

This is a searchable database of veterans and their spouses/mothers who lived at the Michigan Veterans Facility. There are 2,294 women, and 10,964 men listed in the index.

A woman was entitled to residency if she was either the mother, or spouse of a Soldier. The record usually indicates the name of the soldier, and her relationship to the soldier. Some records contain the basic 4 pages of admission information, others contain up to 40 or more (the most is over 200) pages which include letters written to and from the Home's administration, marriage certificates etc.

Since each person's record is a different number of pages, the costs of copying and mailing these are different, and the database contains the information needed to place your order.

This database is connected to a shopping cart system, so you can accumulate the records you might want and then place your order when complete. You can pay by PayPal, or print out an order form to mail with a cheque. Copies of records start at $5 each for 4 pages. Many records contain more than 4 pages, and cost more. The number of pages is shown on the Search Results page, and the cost is shown once the item is added to your shopping cart.


Good Luck with your searches!!!

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